luni, 12 decembrie 2011

Madrid: Shakira @ "40 Principales Awards 2011"

Shakira's new look! ;)
Madrid: Shakira @ "40 Principales Awards 2011"
Photo Credit: WENN
Shakira was amongst the attendees and honorees of the "40 Principales Awards 2011" held in Madrid over the weekend. Also in attendance were Enrique Iglesias and Jessie J. Shakira received two awards, Most Influential Artist and Best Foreign Artist. Prior to the show she was quoted to saying:
"I’m so happy to be here now, this is Spain’s night, the night of a country I like so much, and I’m really happy to be at the gala of prizes so important for music.
"I hope they give me some good news tonight so I can celebrate tomorrow." [Source]

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