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Ines Sainz - Sports Journalist

ines sainz

Men's Health has ranked the Hottest Women of 2011, and sports reporter Ines Sainz is No. 88 on the magazine's list. The blurb says: "A 'bad girl,' according to a cheeky pictorial spread in her native Mexico, Sainz is witty, educated, and impossibly seductive. What's better than that? Well, this: It's her job to love football. She's one of Mexico's most experienced and most-watched sports journalists."

Highlights from the Sports Journalism Career of Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz is the Spanish beauty queen who was hired by Mexico’s TV Azteca to be a hot tamale on TV. Then, when she went to interview New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez in a locker room full of naked men, something happened which, if you read pc sports writers and professional feminists, was something like a gang rape, or… men calling out her name.

Prior to her presence in the locker room - where players called out to the TV Azteca reporter - footballs were thrown in her direction by a Jets coach during practice.

Sainz knows she’s no journalist, Azteca knows it, and sports fans know it. Unfortunately, people like Kevin Blackistone are saying otherwise. Blackistone, a walking feminist talking points machine, is also no journalist, but he seems to have deluded himself into believing that he is. Or maybe he doesn’t care.

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