sâmbătă, 3 martie 2012

Heather (Armbrust) Policky - female bodybuilder

Heather (Armbrust) Policky is a female bodybuilder.Born on 7/21/77 in Cozad, Nebraska. Tiny town.she lives Denver, Colorado.

she grew up in a small town in Nebraska called CozadCozad. she was never into athletics. she was much more arts than athletic. she got into bodybuilding around 12 years old after being introduced to the local gym owner who happened to be a female competitor.

Birth Date: July 21, 1977
Age: 29
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 '7"
Weight (Contest): 173
Weight (Off Season): 185-190
Biceps: 16.5
Quads: 26.5
Calves: 16.5

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