vineri, 2 martie 2012

Inga Neverauskaite - female bodybuilder

Born in Lithuania, eastern Europe, Inga Neverauskaite brings exotic beauty to the pro ranks with her beautiful looks and confident stage presence. Besides competing in figure and travelling around the world, Inga works in in a medical company dealing with order processing. She moved to Great Britain in 2001 and now lives there with her husband. They were hoping to get a better life there since Lithuania was still a developing country at that time and didn’t offer that many possibilities to a young couple. Her husband is very supportive with Inga’s competing as well as is her family who still live in Lithuania. She visits them three to four times a year and hopes that someday they would be able to come watch her compete in a pro show.

Inga’s resume for competition is impressive since she is only 25 years old. Inga started competing in 1997 after training for only six months. A photographer talked to her at the gym and told her she should compete. “I competed in competitive aerobics for years and won the Lithuanian Championships three times a row from 2001 to 2003. Then I switched to figure, or body fitness as it is called in Europe. I won the European Championships and the World Championships in 2003. The greatest competition for me was the British Championships in 2003 which I won and finally earned my pro card. I had never even thought of becoming a pro until I had to pro card in my hand. It was such an amazing thing to happen, something I had never dared to dream about.” She made her pro debut in 2004 and has been able to climb up placings since then, placing second in this year’s Montreal Pro Figure. She qualified for the Olympia there. This year’s Olympia is her first one and she says, “I’m so excited to get on the stage here in Vegas with all the other pro girls. This has been my goal since I got my pro card. I’m not worried about my placing, it’s not important to me. What counts is the wonderful experience and just being able to compete in this show.”

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