vineri, 6 aprilie 2012

Aida Yespica is an excellent bikini model

Aida Yespica 0101 Aida Yespica is an excellent bikini model (32 pics)
Dammit, she spotted me in the bushes...
Here’s a WAG you may not be familiar with, but soon will be, named Aida Yespica. Aida is seen here posing in bikinis for the 2011 Sielei collection. Yes, another bikini company. It never ends (thankfully). She either is or was the girlfriend of footballer Matteo Ferrari, depending on what you read (or don’t) and they have a kid together. Yes, this Venezuelan beauty queen is a mom. She also participated in Italy’s version of Celebrity Survivor. Wait, they have a Celebrity Survivor? Why haven’t we had one of those yet? Probably because our celebrity version would consist of people like Donny Osmond, Jennifer Grey, and other people no one cares about. Oh, right, that’s Dancing with the Stars. Never mind.

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