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Alessia Ventura is Filippo Inzaghi’s girlfriend.

Alessia Ventura is an Italian model, have a nice eyes and nice body, Alessia developed early interests in soccer and modern dance. Alessia's early foray into modeling offered a brand new knowledge and she developed her portfolio through photo shoots, runway work and competitions. In 1999, Alessia got a big break at age 19 when she joined the Italian version of The Price is Right.

Alessia Ventura has appeared on several TV shows and soaps and worked as a news reporter on Sky Cine News. She can also be seen on MTV Italy. Alessia Ventura

Filippo Inzaghi has enjoyed more than his fair share of beautiful Italian women, so far his wayward steamrollering ways may have been brought to an end by showgirl and TV presenter Alessia Ventura

1997, Filippo Inzaghi  played for Italy's national team for the first time against Brazil. Since then, Inzaghi has played in many different tournaments for his country including 3 World Cups in 1998, 2002 and 2006 and one Euro championship in 2000 where he scored double for Italy in matches against Romania and Turkey. In Inzaghi 57 international appearances for Italy, he has scored 25 times and as of today, Inzaghi is 6 on the list for all-time scorers for Italy, he is widely considered one of the best goal poachers the world has ever seen.
2006, Italy made a notable run in the World Cup in Germany being very sentimental both on the offensive and suspicious sides of the field. Inzaghi only made one look for Italy against Czech Republic, but he absolutely made the most of it as scored an wonderful goal pass the Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech. The goal put the Italians up 2-0 sealing the win and paving the way to the World Cup final against France in which they won in a penalty shootout.

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