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Luli Fernandez girlfriend of the Fernando Gago

Luli Fernandez girlfriend of the Fernando Gago’s.

She is an Argentinian her nickname is ‘Chica Stone’. She’s also being compared to man Argentinian babe Carolina Pampita Ardohain. That notorious connection aside, we prefer to focus on Luli Fernandez the hot Latina, which in this case is more than sufficient for us to make her our Latin Flavor girl of the day.

Who can now attach her name to the list of the lot of Argentinean Wags by now in existence? Not that that’s a bad thing…

2008, Luli Fernandez become a driver of ‘Team Angels,’ a racing magazine demonstrate. She also became the host of Area 18 for TyC Sports, which features the party hotspots and events in Argentina.

Luli Fernandez also once dated tennis player Gastón Gaudio.

Fernando Rubén Gago

Fernando Rubén Gago had born, 10 April 1986 in Ciudadela, Buenos Aires. is an Argentine football midfielder, and he is plays for Real Madrid, and the Argentina National Football Team.

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