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Rosaria Cannavo is Girlfriend friend of Christian Panucci

Rosaria Cannavò dated Antonio Cassano and between other amorous encounters was Christian Panucci. Rosaria Cannavò, a 26 year-old from Catania, Italy, is beautiful particularly for her Mediterranean feel. With her easy, cute appear, the irritating brunette is a student at the university and an actress in the extended run.

Rosaria Cannavo is famous in Italy for her skills as a ballerina & her appearances on a amount of their very strange television shows. On Buona Domenica (Good Sunday), Rosaria plays a game called “Surf.”

Rosaria Cannavo is Christian Panucci’s Girlfriend

Christian Panucci

Christian Panucci born 12 April 1973 in Savona is an Italian footballer who is at present playing for Parma F.C. He was an associate of the Italian national team. Panucci is a defender who often plays on the right-hand side, but he can also play on the left or in the centre of defence.On 13 June 2008, Panucci scored Italy's first goal after that to Romania at the Euro 2008 and became the oldest player to score in outfield play in the rivalry

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